Our Medical Aid Premiums

Zimbabwe General Medical Aid Fund is a fully registered medical aid fund in Zimbabwe. ZG Medical Aid Fund offers several medical aid packages to the populace such as the General Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan, Platinum plan and Special Students Plan for college and university students. It is a subsidiary of TM Group of companies and is based in Gweru.

Here’s our everyday philosophy…

Our Vision

To be the most affordable and preferred health care funder in Zimbabwe

Our Mission

To raise the bar of the private health insurance industry by providing quality, affordable and accessible health care to the marginalized people in order to meet the highest standards of the Ministry of Health and Child Care

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Our Guiding Principles

The Society is guided by the Principles of Universal Health Coverage and all other principles that are subscribed to by the Ministry of Health and Child Care. In particular, the Society is guided by the following principles

  • Affordability
  • Financial risk protection
  • Accessibility
  • People Centeredness
  • Comprehensiveness and Effective Health
  • Integration and integrity
  • Commitment to its membership, staff and environment and commitment to MoHCC and other regulatory bodies
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Consistency


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