There are several ways for you to submit your ZG Medical Aid Fund claim form.

1. E-mail a copy of your claim to


2. Take a picture of your claim form and send it to our Whatsapp number +263779450922.

N.B. You must submit your medical claims to ZG Medical within three months from the date you saw your health-care practitioner. Any claims older than this will be considered to be expired and we won't be able to pay them

Claims Payment

Most health service providers will submit claims directly to the Fund in which case you don’t need to submit the claim. All claims will be paid directly to the healthcare provider when they bill ZG Medical Aid. However if the healthcare provider claims more than the AHFoZ rates ZG Medical will reimburse you and you will be required to pay the full fee to the healthcare professional. All cash claims and claims payable to members are paid within 30-60 days


1. Check the claim to make sure the following details are correct and clear:
-your name and membership number
-the name and practice number of the healthcare provider
-the date on which the service was provided
-other relevant consultation, procedure codes and diagnostic (ICD-10) codes
-the total amount charged for the service

2. Include a receipt if you paid for the claim.

3. Send a detailed claim and not just a receipt as we need the details of what you are claiming for in order to process your claim quickly and correctly.

4. If the healthcare provider sends the claim to us electronically, you dont need to send us a copy

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